Sprayers and Wands

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    Hudson Sprayer

    Hudson FOG Portable Electric Atomizer 2 Gallon

    FOGĀ® Electric Atomizer Sprayer creates an ultra-low-volume mist for indoor/outdoor use. The mist outputs 22-46 microns particle sizes with an average droplet of 20 microns. Adjustable output of 1.5 - 14 gallons per hour. Includes large commercial coiled...
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    Dramm One Touch Rain Wand 30 in Blue

    Water with ease with Dramm One Touch Rain Wands. Allows complete and total control of water flow by your thumb with the one-touch valve. Efficiently saves water while watering from one plant to the next. Made with heavy-duty aluminum for lightweight feel...
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    Mondi Telescopic Water Wand

    A soft showering head that is gentle on plants and flowers. An extendable wand that reaches from 36in to 52in. Adjustable flow control on the handle with shaped soft grips for comfort. Includes premium VitonĀ® high-quality seals and mesh filter. Lifetime...