Grow Light Ballasts

  • SG 1000W HPS Open Ballast, 120/240V

    SG Open Ballast HPS 1000W

    This bare-bones ballast is the latest addition to our SG line of value priced, reliable magnetic power plants. True, it has no bells and whistles, but it will deliver years of solid performance in your grow room. Compact design Low cost Does not...
  • Phantom II 1000W Digital Ballast, 120/240V Dimmable

    Phantom II E-ballast 1000w 120/240v (2/cs)

    The Phantom II Digital Ballast takes the reliability and engineering superiority of the original Phantom ballast and adds industry leading Smart Alert Technology, setting a new standard for excellence and functionality. The Phantom II is TOTALLY silent,...
  • Powerhouse 400W MH Ballast, 120/240V

    SPO Powerhouse 400W 120/240v MH Ballast

    The Powerhouse is packed with features which make it the most advanced electromagnetic HID ballast on the market. With its durable all-aluminum exterior construction and offset high/low component orientation, it runs quieter and cooler than any other...
  • Xtrasun 1000W Convertible Ballast, 277V

    Xtrasun 1000W 277V HPS/MH Conv Ballast

    Convertible Xtrasun Ballast With the Xtrasun Convertible Ballast, you’ll have “Xtra” flexibility—use halide for growing, and sodium for flowering. These classic workhorse magnetic ballasts offer reliable service at value prices. Designed in America, the...
  • Xtrasun 1000W Convertible Ballast, 120/240V

    Xtrasun 1000W 120/240V HPS/MH Conv Ballast

    An Xtrasun convertible ballast means extra flexibility for your gardening. Use halide for growing, then once plants have started, switch to sodium bulbs for flowering. Features Convert from sodium to halide and back Dual voltage Works with Hydrofarm...