ExHale CO2

ExHale CO2

  • ExHale 365 Self Activated CO2 Bag
    ExHale CO2

    ExHale 365-Self Activated CO2 Bag

    The ExHale 365 is a self-activated version of the Original CO2 Bag. The 365 will provide a 4x4 foot or 128 cubic foot space with CO2 for 9 months of which 6 months are peak production. With 3 months...
  • ExHale XL CO2 Bag
    ExHale CO2

    ExHale XL CO2 Bag

    The XL ExHale CO2 Bag is for medium to large grow spaces. The XL will provide a 6x6 foot or 288 cubic foot space with CO2 for 6 months guaranteed. The XL ExHale comes with a freshness seal that...
  • ExHale, The Original CO2 Bag
    ExHale CO2

    ExHale-The Original CO2 Bag

    The Original ExHale CO2 Bag produces CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units. The power of ExHale lies in the mycelial mass inside the vented bag. This...